Where is the home, in a world so cruel..?

My angel~
Another lonesome soul



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USAHF8ASUD8ASUD8ASD so.. I’ve been thinking about translating something that kills me every night which would be obviously Toma related because I actually hear this track almost every night uhf8fu8f HEY ISN’T IT THE PURPOSE USFH8SFU /// so yep..  _(:3」∠)_ I’m really sorry for my fail translation skills since they aren’t great plus english is not my first language…, but I wanted to share it… _(:3」∠)_ So yep, enjoy Toma’s soine track hsf8asuf8ud ///


What? What’s wrong? …Put your mug cup here, since it’s a bit dangerous. Yes.

Are you sleepy? Getting sleepy from only drinking a hot milk, you’re really a kid. Though… is it already midnight…? I also have to go sleep soon, since I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow.

…Hey, don’t sleep there. At least go to the bed to sleep.

 …Aa, geez. It can’t be helped. …Let’s…go… You’re really light. Go to the bed, okay?

Here… done. Hm? Aa, okay okay. It would be ok if we sleep together, right? I understand, okay? You can’t sleep alone, right…

…Hey, come here. You want me to hug you? Okay. Hey, don’t be shy now. And also, don’t move stealthily, it tickles me.

…Sleep. Here. Yes, you are a kind girl. *kisses* … No. Don’t move again. Next is… the lips. *kisses*

Aa, that’s right. I like to kiss you. Though I also like… doing other things too.

Eh? “Toma, you idiot”? That’s not good~ What did you imagine to get so red like this?

What I meant was… things like shopping together, watching TV together, things like these~

Haha~ I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Aha, stop. Don’t beat my chest.

…Yes. What I meant was exactly what you imagined. In a more… adult meaning.

*kisses* … Kissing you is not enough. It’s not it. Wrong? There’s no problem in being wrong. More…

*kisses* …I wonder why. No matter how much I hug you, no matter how much I kiss you, it’s not even slightly enough. It only makes me want more and more.

Are you sleepy? Do you want to sleep? If you will still stay awake for a little more… This way… *kisses*

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The awkward moment when you realize that this guy 


Has the same voice as this guy

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 « more white picture here » 
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by Coco-oned

(with permission to repost)

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"aren’t you too old for anime?"


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